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8. The Sentry Firewall Configuration Scripts

This section is designed as a technical outline of the configuration scripts built for the Sentry Firewall CD. These configuration are responsible for finding and parsing the sentry.conf file and the directives contained therein.

As of version 1.5.0-rc14 there are six configuration scripts overall on the system. These are kept in the "/etc/rc.d/SENTRY/" or the "/etc/init.d/SENTRY/" directory on the rootdisk. They are also available on the CD in the "<CDROM>/SENTRY/scripts/cd-config/" directory or online. The configuration scripts are called `', `', `', `', `', and `'. The details of these files are outlined below.


This is the first perl script to run. It is usually called from the rc.S or rcS file, depending on the branch. This file contains the following:


This file contains the following:


This file contains the following:


In general, this is the only configuration file you would need to modify if you would like to create a Sentry Firewall CD for any Linux distribution. This file contains the following:


This script contains a number of general functions that are used throughout the other configuration scripts. Most of the functions are related to working with files and directories. Some of these were contained in in earlier versions of the CD.


This file contains the following:

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