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6. The sentrycd-deb(-devel) Branches

This section contains information about features or directives that are unique to the SENTRYCD and SENTRYCD-DEVEL(slackware-based)branches.

This section is still under construction.

6.1 Start/Stop a Service or Daemon

This directive gives you the ability to start or stop a service at bootup. The syntax looks like the following:

     service:[start|stop] = <path/to/service_init_file>

For example:

     httpd:start = /floppy/config/httpd

In the above example, we are telling the Sentry Firewall CD to either start or stop the http daemon at bootup. The optional argument "<path/to/service_init_file>" is usually not necessary, but is used to actually replace the startup script located in /etc/rc.d/init.d/, in case you ever wanted to do so.

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